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But first, we are going to walk you through commonwealth markethub as a company covering every other thing before getting you started.

Commonwealth markethub ltd started just as most blue chip companies started: very small with buying and selling of everyday products. These products are mostly clothing apparels and foot wears.

Couple of years of progressive growth and increased profits suggested the need to go into importation of carefully selected products. This proved profitable but not without some painful experiences that came with it.

Soon after experiencing admirable growth, the founder thought it wise to build a company around his passion with his handpicked partners. In 2016 commonwealth markethub ltd joined the ecommerce industry with state-of-the-art online store arguably the most beautifully and richly designed.

Commonwealth markethub continued her core activity which is in buying and selling of different useful products as well as providing a platform for other merchants to sell their products and services in different categories which include but not limited to electronics, clothing, health and beauty, gaming, smart phones, computer gadgets, real estate, automobiles, kids fashion, security gadgets etc until early 2017 when the big idea on how to increase sales for the company and her merchants alike gave birth to multi level marketing opportunity which have undergone some changes during her preview launch.

The inclusion of the multi level marketing as a means to achieve more sales and at the same time provide added earning opportunity for network marketing enthusiasts has proven to be a genius idea as people who are opportune to learn about this opportunity, most of them whom are veteran network marketers have confessed that there is no opportunity as profitable as what they see here.

The idea has received many praises and admirations with mixed feelings as a result of the huge payout from the opportunity which is coming from the nature of its design.

This huge payout is as a result of having established the ecommerce section long before the coming of network marketing sector which in essence is to compliment the ecommerce sector. Following this, it means that the company is not dependent on the efforts of the network marketing members on the platform to grow the company towards achieving her corporate goals.

The result of the above is what made the resultant payout very huge.

The commonwealth markethub multi level marketing opportunity is built on two simple and profitable stages: The First Stage and Second Stage .

FIRST STAGE: 2 x 2 Matrix
This stage uses a 2by2 follow me force filled matrix with spill over effect. By default 2by2 mean that for you to complete a cycle you should have a total number of 6 persons where you introduced 2 and allow this 2 to introduce 2 each to make up 6 persons.

On registration which is a one time out of pocket investment of N15, 000, Commonwealth Markethub Ltd gifts you a free product of your choice worth N5, 000 from her range of useful products.

Once you have completed your first cycle which requires a total of 6 partners, where you referred 2 partners and the partners referred by you referred 2 partners each, you will earn the sum of N20, 000 paid directly to your local bank account which you provided at the point of registration and you also qualify for food stuff worth N5, 000 during the monthly award in your state.

The payout from your invested capital of N15, 000 at the completion of one cycle is N20, 000 plus the gift product worth N5, 000 and food stuff award worth N5, 000 will amount to N30, 000. At this point, you have 200% of your invested capital and have been automatically repositioned to repeat the above exercise which will produce N20, 000 paid into your local bank account for all completed cycle plus other bonuses running to infinity.

In analysis of 2by2 matrix, looking at the diagram below, the two partners referred by you will be used to pay your sponsor [uplink] while the four partners coming from the partners referred by you will be used to pay you. Remember on registration every member gets a product worth N5, 000 leaving every registered account with a balance of N10, 000. In that understanding, your four legs which are regarded as your pay legs will produce N40, 000. From the N40, 000 [4 legs X N10, 000] you will receive N20, 000 as your earnings and from the N20, 000 left, the system will use  N10, 000 to restart your next matrix cycle automatically and the balance of N10, 000 serving as your food items coming during the monthly award plus savings for your car award.

Here is a chart analysis for stage 1 earnings and due cycle for food award and other bonuses

If you understood up to this part, then continue reading and if you do not understand the explanation, please go back before you continue.

After you have completed your first cycle, you will be repositioned to run two more cycles before you move to the stage two of this profitable opportunity. The extra two cycles will give you another N40, 000 you continue to earn N20, 000 at every cycle completed to infinity as long as you continue to introduce 2 partners for each cycle or you can go out and fill the entire 6 slots.

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